Sale Reps

Welcome to our Sales Rep search. We are super excited to add a few new faces to our team of amazing mama's and kiddo's!



Please take note that our sales rep positions are not the same as our brand rep positions. Our brand rep positions are currently filled for both autumn and winter, and we will be refilling those positions again in the spring. 



We have ten available sales rep positions, and we will only be offering one position per major area.



How it works: Our sales representatives will simply post our advertisement and/or pictures & new products on their personal pages, local buy and sell groups (as long as the specific group rules permit it), and so on. Anytime someone makes a purchase because of you, you will receive 5% of their entire purchase. Your 5% will accumulate over the entire month, and you will be given a code to use your balance at the end of the month in our shop.



To apply for this position, simply DM us on Facebook and include your area.

These positions are only open to Canadian residents at this time.